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C’est la vie – Danny's Blog

C’est la vie

That is life.
There is sorrow, there is happiness.
Everything does not look as it seems.
Sometimes I would rather to say that is a consequence of overconfidence than procrastination. Whatever. I do not know why, but I have to accept it.
A lot of things in life does not go the way we wish.
Lots of people know and want to walk the shortcut but somehow we need the long road. And we have to.
Just believe that every step-back has its purpose, sooner or later we will know.
Changing happens every second in life without notice. When you cannot see any hope and dying for it, changing is just round corner, and vice versa.

This is life.
Sorrow and happiness.
Human try to survive, some of them do not care how, some of them do not know why.
Life it is.

God, I pray,
Build me as Your warrior, who will be strong enough to know when I am weak and brave enough to face myself when I am afraid.
Lead me, O Lord,
not in the path of ease and comfort, but under stress and spur of difficulties and challenge.
Here, let me learn to stand up in the storm.
Hallowed be Your name. Amen.

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